Guided tour for individuals

Villa Badoer built by Andrea Palladio in 1556, is located in Fratta Polesine.
The Villa stands out for its visual dominance over the surrounding landscape, as it is raised above the ground level, having been built on a stone base in order to safeguard it from any flooding of rivers and amplify its scenic impact.
La Badoera, as it is often called, is at the same time the emblem of the union of Francesco Badoer and Lucietta Loredan, exponents of two important Venetian noble families, as well as the friendship between Francesco Badoer and his brother-in-law Giorgio Loredan, a bond celebrated by the frescoes made inside the main floor by Giallo Fiorentino.
The Villa is a riot of sobriety and elegance that every year attracts tourists from all over the world, interested in seeing live the work of the great master, Andrea di Pietro dalla Gondola, known to us all as Palladio.

Guided tour, on Saturdays and Sundays at 11.00 and 16.00.
Duration: 45 minutes


Address: Via Giovanni Tasso, 3, 45025 Fratta Polesine RO
Phone: 366 324 0619
Architect: Andrea Palladio
Province: Provincia di Rovigo
Committente: Francesco Badoer
Date of construction : 1556-1563
Location: Fratta Polesine